Hi slave! I'm Leyla. You may address me with Mistress, Goddess or whatever I choose when we meet. I'm not here to tell you the story of my life, but I can tell you that I have a high experience of being ruthless, sensual, sadistic and not last fiercely intelligent.

I'm based in Central London!

From now on I will be your water, your air, your reason to live. I will make you moan and scream, I will be your beginning and your end. Submit now and feel my passionate teasing, my seductive manipulation or my painful and godly domination!

Short desciption: I offer only Adult Services, my main service is BDSM, I am based in Central London, my name is Mistress Leyla and I'm happy to meet new slaves. i offer only adult services. I hope you love BDSM. You can always find me on www.mistressleyla.com or reach me at 07471574458.

Mistress Leyla